Time card calculator to create reports

In this modern world, people use internet to face challenges of their business and life. If you are running a business and facing an issue with employees scheduling and payroll reports then browse on the web to get correct software. Time clock wizard is amazing software and especially designed to create schedules of employees and keep a track of their time. The software is completely free and allows unlimited users to use this. You can use time card calculator with lunch or tea breaks. This helps you to calculate the accurate time which is helpful in creating payroll reports.

These reports can be downloaded or you can get directly printout. You can export the time card calculator data and the time clock wizard allows the employees to clock in and out. You can directly get real notification through SMS or messages. This helps you to avoid paper time card and manual work which is time taking. The calculator helps you to know the actual payrolls and converts them into your country’s currency. Many mobile apps are also available which make this process mobile friendly. You can get the app through play store and that is absolutely free.


The manager and owner can install this software in their computer and through this they can provide tasks to their employees. The staff members can change their shifts and can switch their shifts with other co workers. This software manages everything easily and provides you reports as well. You can learn about its features on the web and can also take reviews of existing users. This software is designed to all kinds of business person so that they can get rid of the paper work.

Time card calculator gives you exact and accurate report and this helps you to maintain you r payroll reports too. You can manage reimbursements and overtime pay also with this. Once you get it into your business and this will help you in so many ways. So get the software today to enjoy its amazing features which make everything simple and easy.